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Sought job: i would like to apply the Import-export trade industry based in Nantes or surrounding area, position is import-export assisstant, Geographical Location is France. (France/loire Atlantique/pays de la loire/Nantes)

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Herr Tu... A...


44300 Nantes

Aktuelle Situation:

Aktuell Bereich : Import-Export

Größe des Betrieb : 101-1000 Mitarbeiter

Aktueller Posten : Import -Export assisstant

Jahranzahl an dieser Stelle : 1-2 Jahre

Anzahl von Personen unter meines Befehl : 101-1000 Menschen

Jahresgehalt : 2000.00 EUR

Totalerfahrung : 1-2 Jahre

Verfügbarkeit : Sofortige Verfügbarkeit

Gesucht Stelle:

Posten: international trade and management, ,

Bereich : Import-Export, ,

Gewünscht Vertragsart: unbefristeter Vertrag, Zeitvertrag, Intermittierend Zeitvertrag, Vertretung, Vertreter

Gewünschtes Arbeitszeit: Vollzeit, Teilzeitjob, Duale Ausbildung, Täglich, Saisonbetrieb, Arbeiten am Wochenende

Minimum / gewünschte Jahreslohn : 0.00 / 0.00 EUR

Studieren :

Höchste abgeschlossene Studium mit einem Diplom : Abitur+2

Letzte Diplom : Bachelor degree in Water Conservancy Engineering Advanced Diploma in Computer Science

Aktuelle Studiumsniveau : Abitur+4

Andere Ausbildungen :

Divers :

Beweglichkeit : nicht bekannt

Tool / Softwares / Methoden

Leichte Fahrzeug, Lkw, spezielle Fahrzeuge

Sprachen Uigurisch : Muttersprache
Chinesisch : Fließend
Englisch : Fließend
Französisch : Intermediär

Lebenslauf :

Herr Tu... A...


44300 Nantes



caring, commited, initiative, approachable,and enthusiastic
individual who has flexible approach.

: 1998- 2003 Bachelor in Water Conservancy Engineering,

Xinjiang Agricultural Unviersity,

2005- 2007 Advanced Diploma in Computer Science,

Lyton College London, United Kingdom

2010 Ecole Des Mine de

Skills :
ability to do apply my practical
import-export experience to variety international atmosphere

able to apply and operate different computer application
software to specific programme.

Capable of doing Chinese-English , French
written and oral interpretation

possessed analytical writing and presentation skills

able to cope with different problem in different

: 2004 – 2005 Construction yard manager and
material export assistant in Ardmore Construction Group,

London , United Kingdom

office coordinator between
Kuala Lumpur based international organisational
business management company and China Base Branch

2007- 2008 English- Chinese translator in London
Language Recruitment

Services , London , United

experience: able to organise and project
structural plan to Production line

in Construction Yard

communicating effictively from
one place or Organisation to another

capable of doing satisfactory
service to the different clients or agents

able to create new strategy
based on rule, law

Hobbies :
physically : s football, Peng pong, Gym ,

Mentally : Brainstorming, playing computer game

Politically : able to analise what is happening
around the world

: try to live happily, and control my emotion and
engaging with the society

where i live


Herr Tu... A...


44300 Nantes

Sought job: i would like to apply the Import-export trade industry based in Nantes or surrounding area, position is import-export assisstant, Geographical Location is France. (France/loire Atlantique/pays de la loire/Nantes)

Jun 05 ,

recent post on Careerimport-export.enligne-fr.com
indicated that you are planning to hire Assisstant commercial export. I
hope that of the cover letters you receive you’ll consider mine, as I have had
three years of work in the import/export industry in London construction
company , several international company in Malaysia and I have
been acknowledged for my expertise in the global market.

these international business atmosphere, I constantly adapted and developed my
practical business import , export skills and experience through big
international production giant such as China .

purpose in writing today is to ask for an interview so I can find out more
about the requirements for employment at Full Circle to see if I am a good fit
for this opening.

you available to meet for an interview within the next week or ten days? If so,
please call me on my cell phone: so
we can select e a date. Thank you for reading my cover letter and resume. I
look forward to hearing from you soon.


Herr Tu... A

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