Votre SOUTIEN en Asie pour le Marketing, Mediation, Business Relationship, Sourcing. Bilingue Français Chinois : Déjà installe en ASIE
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Mes servicesSupport Commercial en CHINOIS Formation du personnel commercial en chinois -  Recrutement de personnel détaché pour les Compagnies Européennes. Évaluation des personnels sinophones SUR PLACE pour un emploi en EuropeSupport MARKETING /Sourcing Présence sur salon commercial, foire. Sourcing : Visite fournisseur, Contrôle cahier des charges, Management Stratégique  Mise en place d'une équipe, création d'agence etc Création des Outils d’évaluation liés a l’activité

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Distribution matériel electro portatifs, Edition. Système pédagogique.

Fields of practice:
Sourcing Evaluation, Management, Soutien Recrutement et Développement lancement produit

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Direction Internationale Direction commerciale Contentieux

Types of interventions:
Seul, mission journalière ou longue durée suivant nécessité.

Training courses attended:
 Master in Management and Business Strategy from High Business School of Marseille-Provence (EUROMED)

Master in Management and Business Strategy from High Business School of Marseille-Provence A


Led training courses:

Computer skills:
Environnement WINDOWS, Pack OFFICE

Languages: Fr Zh En

Some references:
Taiwan : BIEN Banqiao City, EUMEIA Taipei City, Wenhua University Taipei City.

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* 18 years as sales manager in retail, specialized retail, hard discount* 8 years as a Consultant-Trainer for job seekers, managers, business leaders ... etc (coaching, consulting business strategy and management strategy).
我的專業在管理學、I majored in Management - KEDGE High Business School 人力資源管理和 Human Resource management - 公司策略之建立 and Corporate Strategy
我會您公司發展和過大如何?How i can expand and develop your business由於 with提高你在法國市場的深耕比率Improve your rate of penetration of the French market * 法國市場有很好的理解對於每個領域或專業界 A good understanding of the market french for each area or professional sector* 分銷網絡的最優選擇 The optimum choice of the distribution channels 我幫您公司改進的採購流程。 Offer assistance in optimizing your company's purchasing process協助你們在法國商展或展銷會的準備 。Assistance in preparing for trade shows or fairs in France.
因爲我很熟習法國的各個地區經濟特點Because I am very familiar with the economic characteristics of France* 我在工商界18年多,I am in the business more than 18 years* 我充任過主管,經理,並且推銷員。I had to act as supervisors, managers and salesmen.* 所以,我目睹經驗實際地面勘測的數據。I also did a great deal of work in the field.* 我的主要經歷是在實業界,超級市場,中小企業,市政府。My main experience is in the business community, supermarkets, small and medium enterprises, the municipal government.

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