Experienced Asia and China souring and purchasing expert for DIY / Paper / Food and beverage / Textile industries
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With my experience as an Operations Manager for a sourcing and purchasing office in China, I am the right person to conduct your sourcing and purchasing operations into the China market. French as native language, I am fluent in English and Chinese

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
DIY, paper, textile, food and beverage, toys, etc.

Fields of practice:
Purchasing, China Market, Souring

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Purchasing management International Management Logistics management

Types of interventions:
Sourcing factories for the development of new range of product

Training courses attended:
Sourcing and purchasing

Master degree in International Trade and Management
Bachelor degree in Chinese Language with 1 year intensive Chinese language class at Suzhou University


Led training courses:

Computer skills:

Languages: En Zh 0

Some references:
LX France, Service sourcing in China

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My goal oriented personality, as well as my knowledge of Chinese Language and Culture, would be an asset to your company in order to optimize its purchasing performance.
During my experience as Operation Director for SSC in Shanghai, I Managed the Shanghai and Ningbo purchasing teams for art and craft industry (scrapbooking, paper and textile products). In charge of all the supply chain from factory selection to the delivery to the customer's warehouse. Frequent factory audit and QC. Good understanding of the China manufacturing industry. - Management: managed a team of 15 local employees with weekly reports to GM based in Australia. Conducted recruitment and annual review of employees.- Procurement: monitored production and quality control. Optimized Supplierportfolio, conducted direct negociation with factories.- Project Management: Monitored new product development following thecustomer's book of specifications, conducted factory audit and productionfollow-up.- Processes: Improved existing processes and implemented new procedures- Market Development: conducted prospection of American and European markets, visited Industry trade fairs, contacted with purchasing managers and provided quotes and samples.- Marketing: worked on the Development of a local market brand and products,conducted marketing research and studied China distribution channels.

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